Manual Lessons

Save Money — Pass in Less Time !!!

Excited about taking driving lessons, at Drive with we teach people just like you to drive!

But not only will we train you to drive – but we’ll also save you time and money. We can help you pass your test quickly in fewer hours – on average 10 hours or less* – saving you over £250!

How We Go About It?

We use a very well-structured approach to your training, which consist of three learning stages: learn, develop, and master:

  • First, you’ll learn all the driving skills. We’ll do our greatest to get you through our entire training plan in around 10 hours. During this time, you’ll cover all the different driving manoeuvres, road types, and junctions!
  • Next, we’ll develop your confidence and skills by allowing you plenty of time for driving practice. We will not pull you up on the roadside and talk to you about different driving aspects. We’ll get you out there driving, and let you drive smoothly instead — because that’s what you want to learn!
  • Finally, we’ll show you how to master the art of driving — so you’re ready to pass your test with flying colours!

Throughout your all driving lessons, we’ll train and assist you to make the right decisions independently. That way, your friends and family won’t need to worry so much once you’re out and about enjoying your newfound freedom on your own!



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Why Choose Drive with HQ?

  • You’ll save time. We can help you pass you’re driving in just 10 hours which is less than average!
  • You can save money. On average, our pupils save more than £250.
  • Learn faster and quickly by using our structured driving training approach.